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Tranoo PrimsToMesh Users and Non-users Discussion

#PrimsToMesh IRC Channel

2014, Sept. 23: The irc.tranoo.com IRC server and #PrimsToMesh channel now work, you're welcome!

Tranoo Prims To Mesh SL Group

The group is here: secondlife:///app/group/624a3b47-88cd-054f-4b3e-dc2569e675aa/about (Please Make Sure you have a software for handling secondlife: URIs! You can also open this URI at Second Life Viewer)

Prims-To-Mesh Mailing List

2014, Sept. 24: The Prims-To-Mesh mailing list now seems to work okay; you're welcome to subscribe and post, and (in the future as useful information goes there) to browse the list archives: http://www.tranoo.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/prims-to-mesh.